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Sargent’s has more than 40 acres of growing fields featuring a large selection of shade trees, ornamental trees and evergreens. Sargent’s employees are out in the fields planting, irrigating, pruning, digging and taking pride every day in keeping our trees and shrubs at their very best. We also carry more than 39 different varieties of roses and over 575 varieties of woody plants every year!

All of our trees, shrubs, and evergreens come with our exclusive 2-Year Tree and Shrub Guarantee!


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New to Sargent's in 2018!

At Sargent’s we are always doing our best to offer you a wide variety of plants to choose from for your landscaping needs. Our growers are always doing research and adding wonderful new plants to our selections. Here are some highlights on a few of the new shrubs and trees that will be coming to Sargent’s this year.

Lilac Bloomerang® ‘Pink Perfume’

This latest addition to the Bloomerang series has the same multi-season flower show, only this time in pink. The fragrant blooms will delight gardeners in spring, then again from midsummer to fall.

Dogwood ‘Neon Burst’ 

This new variety we are getting form Bailey’s Nursery has attractive chartreuse foliage and is a compact selection growing 4-5’ tall. It has good sun and heat tolerance, retaining bright leaf color throughout summer without scorching. New leaves are tinged with bronze and the stems have a rich red hue early in the season.

Hydrangea ‘Invincible Mini Mauvette’

It’s unlike anything that’s ever come before. Why? Well, it blooms every single year, even in cold climates and is impervious to bad pruning. It’s the same type of hydrangea as the classic and much-loved ‘Annabelle’ but instead of plain white blooms, the flowers are a deep pink-mauve, and they’re held up on strong, sturdy stems that don’t flop.