A Sneak Peak at New Perennials for 2015

As promised, here is a look at some of the new plants for 2015.
Hemerocallis translates to Beauty for a Day. Even though the individual flowers only last for one day most daylilies put on a great show for about a month and the re-bloomers go even longer. They are a great choice for someone who is just starting to garden as they are reliable and extremely hardy. They have a beautiful range of colors to choose from. They can handle being planted around Black Walnut trees, in poor soil and along pavement that gets salted in the winter. Also, daylily flowers are edible. They make a slightly sweet addition to a salad.
Gypsy Caravan’ has buff pink 4-5inch fragrant flowers with purplish eye zone and a yellow green throat. This is a nocturnal Daylily (I didn’t know there was such a thing). The buds will open late in the afternoon and stay open the majority of the following day.

‘Scottish Fantasy’ has large 5-5.5 inch coral-pink blooms with a pie crust edge and a lime green throat.

‘When My Sweetheart Returns’ is a floriferous repeat bloomer with peachy-yellow flowers with a rose pink eye and a yellow throat.

Here is a quick look back in the greenhouses. The guys put up the curtains between the bays this week. We only heat the parts of the greenhouses with plants so as the season progresses the curtains will move to the next bay and then the next. This helps save on heating areas that are not in use.


We do the majority of our maintenance in the winter and this has been a great winter for it! Definitely a welcome reprieve from last winter.  Next time I’ll give you a report on the ‘Winter Sowing’ I did last year. Hint, it was much more successful then I expected it to be!

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Cathy Maxson is Sargent's Gardens Perennial Growing manager. In addition to making sure Sargent's grown plants thrive, she enjoys growing in her own garden, canning fruits and vegetables, traveling, and walking her dogs.