A Tisket, A Tasket, We Have Your Basket!

Annual Comination basket

We have your baskets and more! I’m sure you are wondering how all the plants are doing. Haven’t we all been waiting for this weather to turn around so we can take our plants home and get our gardens planted? All our spring annuals are now planted and they are looking good! We do have a summer crop of Annuals coming in to plant yet and our 2nd crop of herbs and tomatoes.


Yes, you can now buy Sargents grown herbs and patio tomatoes.

Our first crop of 12” combo baskets look amazing.

Annual combination basket  Annual Combination Basket  Annual Comination basket

I like the petunia in the second picture. I think it looks just like a morning glory. Did you know that each crop of combo baskets has different combinations in it? So, if you see a basket you like, make sure you get it. Once they’re gone, they are gone.

Lets take a look at the Impatiens moss baskets and wax begonia pouches. Aren’t they gorgeous?They have filled in very nicely.

Impatiens Moss Basket Wax Begonia Pouch

The fuchsias (one of my FAVORITE flowers!) look fantastic.

Fuchsia Dollar Princess Fuchsia Paula Jane

In addition to the ‘Dollar Princess’ and ‘Paula Jane’ varieties that we have grown in the past, we are growing a new fuchsia series, Angel Earrings.

Angel Earrings ‘Red and White’ has wavy leaves which gives them an interesting look even without the flowers blooming.

Fuchsia Angel Earrings Red and White

Mega Watt begonias are new this year. They are similar to a dragon wing begonia, but the flowers are noticeably larger.

Mega Watt Begonia Baskets

Hopefully, they will perform as well as the dragon wings do throughout the summer. They come in a green leafed and a bronze leafed series. I like the bronze because the dark leaf makes the flowers POP!

Speaking of begonias, the rieger begonia baskets are looking fantastic!

rieger begonia  rieger borias

The combo cones and the large combo baskets are coming along.

Combination Cone Basket  16 inch combination basket

They will be ready by Mother’s Day.

Combo tubs are also looking good.

Annual combination tub  Annual combination tubs

Sargent’s grown geranium tubs are coming into full bloom. Our 18th Avenue store just received our first shipment.

Geranium Tub

Are you planting red salvia for the hummingbirds? They are ready and so are the snapdragons, marigolds and cosmos.

Red Salvia marigolds  Snapdragons

We can’t forget about perennials. The wonderland poppies are starting to pop.

wonderland poppy

Our clematis is also starting to flower.

Clematis Niobe  Clematis Elsa Spath  Clematis Nelly Moser

This time of the season there is so much to share that I have started posting pictures on the Sargents Gardens Instagram page. Follow us on Instagram to see when plants are coming into bloom, when new varieties become ready and for the love of plants.










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Cathy Maxson is Sargent's Gardens Perennial Growing manager. In addition to making sure Sargent's grown plants thrive, she enjoys growing in her own garden, canning fruits and vegetables, traveling, and walking her dogs.