August Recap

Here is a recap of all that has happened in August 2014.
We received Hostas and Daylilys for 2015 in the beginning of the month. They are coming along very well.

We will have a few new varieties for next year including Daylily ‘When My Sweetheart Returns’.

We have been fixing several of the greenhouses we will be recovering this fall. We use four year plastic on the bigger houses so we have to take advantage of the chance to do maintenance work when time allows.

Greenhouse 7 is getting brand new doors this year! greenhouse7

There were a lot of yellow and gold flowers blooming in August. Here are some pictures from along the bike trail and around the Nursery.


Compass Plant Solidago Trail Trail Flower Yellow flower Herbstonne Entrance

I did find a few plants that have purple flowers. They may be considered weeds but they are pretty!

Burdock Flower Thisle

We started shipping out our Mums in August. We don’t force them to bloom early. So while there isn’t much color presently in the greenhouse, when flowering starts it will last late into the fall.Mums2014

They love growing here so much they were trying to turn into hearts.

Heart Mum


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Cathy Maxson is Sargent's Gardens Perennial Growing manager. In addition to making sure Sargent's grown plants thrive, she enjoys growing in her own garden, canning fruits and vegetables, traveling, and walking her dogs.

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