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Spring-blooming bulbs are easy to plant and extremely low-maintenance since, unlike summer-blooming bulbs, they can be left untouched in the ground all year long and will continue to pop up each spring. Here are some tips for success –

  • Prepare the soil.  Before planting loosen the soil and till in a few inches of compost or peat moss.  Add a tablespoon of bulb food per square foot for extra nourishment, if desired.  Bulbs don’t like “wet feet” so if you’ve got clay soil, be sure to add the compost or even sand to make it more porous.
  • Keep critters away by adding a tablespoon of Blood Meal per square foot.  Note: Daffodils provide some natural resistance.
  • Plant them now.  It’s great to get them planted while it’s still enjoyable to be outside.  Plus, bulb planting needs to be completed before the frost sets in.
  • Follow the rules for planting depth.  As a general rule, plant a bulb twice as deep as it is tall.  If you plant too deep, it will take the bulb longer to flower or it may not flower at all.
  • CrocusWater well after planting.  This stimulates root production.
  • Once your bulbs have flowered next spring, don’t cut back the leaves.  Instead, plant other annuals and perennials to camoflauge them.  By leaving the leaves intact, the bulb is able to store energy for the following years bloom.  Lady’s mantle, daylilies, peonies, lungwort, creeping phlox, veronica, and hardy geraniums are all good in this role.
  • A final thought: try something new this year, like naturalizing some bulbs in your lawn or planting them in a pot (plastic to avoid cracking) for your deck or balcony.  Pack the pots a bit more tightly for more “wow” and/or mix up the varieties.  Be sure your pot has a drain hole and allows the right planting depth, too.  Then follow the tips above and away you go.

Now is also the time to dig up summer flowering bulbs. Simply dig up, shake free of dirt, place in a paper bag and store in a cool, dry place until the danger of frost has passed next spring.

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