Bulbs – Dig, Drop, Done!

Fall is a season of change, the days shorten, the leaves turn, and the weather cools. But if it is lush, springtime blossoms you crave, fall is also a time to change how you garden.

Planting flowering bulbs will give you those beautiful blossoms for spring. It’s as simple as Dig.Drop.Done.

DIG – A good rule of thumb is to dig 3x the height of your bulb. This is true of whether you are planting in pots or out in the garden. Make sure to plant in an area with good drainage, and if you are using a pot be sure it has a drainage hole.

DROP – Place your bulbs in the soil, pointy side up. Cover with soil, then give them a good dose of water for a head start.

DONE – It’s been said that waiting is the hardest part (and the cold winter months don’t make that any easier), but these beauties are worth it.

Learn more and get planting ideas in-store or at digdropdone.com. It’s a terrific website.

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"Jill" of all trades at Sargent's, Nina Sargent co-owns Sargent's with her husband and in-laws. She keeps communication going between the garden centers, landscape, nursery and the public. Nina loves helping connect people with their outdoor living spaces - especially while creating habitat for wildlife. She enjoys running, skiing (of all kinds) and reading.