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If you have a lawn or garden question Sargent’s is here to help you figure it out. We carry a large selection of products by Bonide as well as several other well known product lines. The Bonide four step lawn program is a great way to keep your lawn green and full. The associates in our stores are well equiped to help you with your gardening questions. You can also find a wealth of knowledge in our Info Center. Use the links on this page to learn more and remember to have fun with your gardens!

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Inviting Entry Essentials

entry Spring is right around the corner and we’ve all come down with a touch of planting fever.  Thoughts of spring leading to summer entertaining, makes creating an inviting entry a priority. Here are some thoughts to ponder over that will help you plan ahead.

First off, color is a great way to highlight your entry.  This can be done with a mix of perennials selected to bloom continuously throughout the season and/or colorful, vibrant annuals.  Make sure the colors selected compliment your home and door color.  A stellar hanging basket near the door, combination containers, and annual beds pack a lot of punch.  A bench, bubbling boulder, beautiful container, sculpture or other ornament can also help draw the eye toward your entry and offer an exciting preview to the personality of your home.

Although bursts of color can add interest, shrubs are equally as important as they create sense of permanence and structure.  They are also a great back drop for the colorful containers and perennial plantings.  Moreover, shrubs tend to be low maintenance.  They come back year after year and won’t require the watering attention your annuals will in the heat of summer.  A good mix of evergreen shrubs is also very important to making your Minnesota home’s entry appealing year-round.  Just in time for sprucing up that entry, we have an excellent selection of shrubs on special.  Remember, our trees and shrubs carry a two year guarantee and we have an excellent selection.

Finally, if you will be creating a new pathway to your front door, make sure that it is obvious and wide enough for two people.  4-1/2 to 5 feet is ideal.  Save the narrow, meandering pathways for the backyard.  We carry the landscape materials you’ll need to make a unique pathway like flagstone and brick.  Plus, we offer design services to help you layout a new pathway and the surrounding plantings, if need be.  This can be as simple as an in-store consultation for a D.I.Y. project.  Please call us ahead of time so we can make sure a designer is available for you (507-289-0022).  For the rest, bringing pictures and dimensions to the garden center will help us work with you to make your entry incredible!