Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainable Choices

At Sargent’s, we believe sustainable landscapes strive to be sensitive to:

– Water Quality and Water Use

– Wildlife Habitat

– Invasive Species Control

– Soil Health

– The Health and Well-being of Landscape Users

– Pollinators: Sargent’s Grown Plants are Neonicotinoid Free!

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Why sustainable?

Landscapes hold the potential to both improve and regenerate the natural benefits and services provided by ecosystems in their undeveloped state, thus providing future generations with the resources and abilities to meet their needs.

What we do?

Sargent’s landscape designers assess your property to determine the best application of sustainable landscape practices.  Once these applications are discussed a design solution and a material/installation estimate can be generated.  Our installation and maintenance crews are available to ensure turnkey service and establishment of your project.

Rain Gardens 

Did you know that storm water runoff carries leaves, grass clippings, fertilizers and pesticides from streets and rooftops that are contaminating your lakes and rivers? The easiest way to help water infiltrate into the ground rather than run off into storm sewers is by creating a rain garden. Strategically place your garden on a site that will intercept rain water runoff. If constructed properly, the garden will drain the water within two days.

Meadow Gardens 

Are you tired of maintaining thousands of square feet of turf grass every year? One way to make a positive impact on the environment is to reduce the amount of lawn space on your property. Remove some of that turf and create a meadow garden using native grasses and wildflowers. An intentionally and beautifully designed meadow will be the envy of your neighborhood and provide outstanding habitat for birds, butterflies and bees.

Woodland Gardens 

Have you lost important mature trees on your wooded property? Has European Buckthorn consumed the seedlings of the next generation of native trees? A Sargent’s landscape designer can help you plan for the removal of invasive species and the introduction of native groundcovers, understory trees and shrubs as well as woodland shade trees. Woodland rehabilitation and management ensures these forest resources are available not only for you, but for the future generations of our community.

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