Great Perennial Gardens

By Sargent’s Perennial Expert, Tami Smith

Ever walked through a botanical garden or an arboretum and thought, “I wish my garden looked like this.” Well it can! Garden like those or ones you see in magazines take time but you can do it!

Look at the location of your garden and watch it throughout the day to determine the amount of sunlight it gets. A simple ph test will also determine if your soil is acid or alkaline. While in your garden scoop up a handful of soil, squeeze it and open your hand up. If the soil stays in a clump it is more clay like and you will have to amend the soil with compost or peat moss. Not all plants will grow well in clay soil conditions. Once you have determined location, ph and soil type, you are ready to choose your plants.

Looking through magazines, on the Internet, visiting gardens and taking pictures will give you ideas and determine what appeals to you. Bring your ideas to your garden center and ask for help. If you feel you need more direction don’t hesitate to work with a landscape designer. They can create plans large and small. Whether you decide to design it yourself of work with a design professional, remember great gardens take time and patience.

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