Houseplant Haven!

Visit our 2nd St. location or shop online to view the largest collection of houseplants in southern Minnesota and start creating your own personal Houseplant Haven!

Lacking some time and ready for that statement piece in your home’s decoration? Our six feet tall Fig Leaf will suit your needs perfectly! Ready to start your own venture in establishing your personal Houseplant Haven? We have the one foot tall version of the Fig Leaf too so get those green thumbs set.

Whether your apartment or house is bathed in rays of sunshine or you’re looking for a little life in a space of your home that doesn’t get a great deal of light, you’ll find a great collection of plants to fit a variety of lighting conditions, watering needs….and no matter the level of your “Green Thumb” card!

We bring in new plant varieties every month, oftentimes hard-to-find options that many houseplant collectors strive to find. Our ever evolving selection of houseplant pottery adds the perfect touch, adding life and design to your home.

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