Summer Gardening Calendar

Watch the landscape come into full bloom this Summer!

In the thick of the summer growing season, don’t forget to continue weeding, watering, fertilizing and maintaining garden beds and containers. Deadhead annuals and perennials by removing faded flowers and seed heads to direct the plant’s energy toward flowering rather than seed production. Pinch back phlox, asters, and other flowering perennials to encourage more flower production. Apply slow-release fertilizer in midsummer to boost plant performance until frost.

  • Plant for the pollinators.
  • Stake taller perennials such as delphinium and snakeroot.
  • Tie climbing roses to trellises.
  • Fertilize lawns, flowers, and garden beds.
  • Stay on top of weeding.
  • If desired, apply Bonide Weed and Feed late May through mid-June to kill dandelions and other broadleaf weeds in the lawn.
  • Prune and shape new growth on arborvitae, junipers, and yews.
  • Prune pine, spruce, and fir trees early to mid-June.
  • Trim hedges.
  • Do final pick of rhubarb at the end of the month to allow roots to store energy for next season.
  • Enjoy your outdoor living space!
  • Remove spring bulb foliage as it browns.
  • If spring-flowering bulbs aren’t doing well, dig them up after the foliage has died and divide them.
  • Water, weed, fertilize, and harvest vegetables.
  • Continue watering young trees and shrubs weekly.
  • Remember your hanging baskets! In warm summer weather, they dry out amazingly quickly. Use a watering wand and soak thoroughly in the mornings. You may need to water twice during the day.
  • Deadhead annuals to encourage more blossoming.
  • Divide irises and daylilies.
  • Complete evergreen pruning before the end of the month to prevent possible winter injury.
  • Apply Bonide Premium Lawn Food, feeds your lawn with slow release Nitrogen and greens your lawn with iron and micronutrients.
  • Enjoy the harvest!