Multimedia Design Intern

Sargent’s uses several types of multimedia to tell our story. A multimedia design intern helps in the conception and creation of the creative assets used to tell that story.  

The most important trait of our marketing team is that we love telling stories. Sargent’s is a place where people from many walks of life are unified by their passion for the natural world. Our job is to empathize with our audience to tell a story that captures the essence of that passion.  

Multimedia Design Interns are excellent communicators: a lively artistic style, stellar grammar, and the ability to communicate complex ideas simply. We measure ourselves in the number of ooohs, aaahs, laughs, and (happy) tears we get from our audience.  

We Have:

  • A desire to do our best. We do not come to work every day to be average.
  • A culture of respect and inclusivity. Sargent’s understands that we succeed or fail as one. Our definition of success requires that everyone feels safe and respected.
  • A vision of prosperity. You have goals for your life. We do too. We want those goals to be closer tomorrow than they are today.
  • More information on Sargent’s culture can be found on our careers page:

You Have:

  • A knack for communication. You are excited by the link between art and storytelling.
  • A proclivity toward the natural world. To tell our story is to tell the story of nature.
  • A love for taking on robust problems with short deadlines. We sell living products plants. This requires short deadlines on complex projects.
  • The skills to use Adobe Creative Suite to captivate an audience.


  • Pay starting at $15 per hour. A wage increase may be considered based on experience and performance.
  • Flexible schedule and possibility to work remotely.
  • Employee discount which includes up to 30% off plant materials.

To succeed in this position, you need to be able to connect with people. While we do expect that you have experience with the programs within Adobe CS, we are not expecting mastery. It is more important that you are motivated by the art of a well thought out message. Make sure we can see that passion somewhere in your application.

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