Ode to October

Changing weather

Dressing in layers

Mums coloring

And greenhouse plastic

All say Fall to me

fall color2015

Since I last posted, we have covered all but 3 greenhouses with plastic.  The 3 that are left are small ones so it won’t take very long. We are just waiting for the next calm day. Hopefully, that will be next week.


Our mums still look great. If you need some late fall color, stop by!

yellow mum

We spent the last few weeks sorting and consolidating the Perennials to make it easier to do inventory. Now we are starting to trim back them back for winter.




I’m hoping for the weather to stay nice long enough to finish all the outside work. Last year we just finished up right before the weather changed for good.

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Cathy Maxson is Sargent's Gardens Perennial Growing manager. In addition to making sure Sargent's grown plants thrive, she enjoys growing in her own garden, canning fruits and vegetables, traveling, and walking her dogs.