Perennial Pick of the Week, Papaver Oriental (Oriental Poppies)

wonderland poppyChosen by Dawn L.,
Sargent’s Greenhouse Production
This old-fashioned perennial is best described in Dawn’s own words.

“I love that my poppies are one of the first flowers to bloom in my garden in the springtime. Poppies have saucer-sized, unique, papery looking flowers. They are eye catching as they blow in the breeze.” 

Dawn goes on to say, “I love poppies because they come in several different colors and are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They require no special care, are easy to grow, and are deer resistant. Even though they last only a few days, each unique bloom is magnificent.”
Well said Dawn.

Oriental poppies have a showy crepe-like blooms 4-5″ across. The blooms are born on pubescent stems from late spring to early summer. Plants go dormant after the bloom cycle is complete.

Perennial Plant of the Week - Oriental Poppies


  • Height of blooms: 16-30″
  • Spread: 24″
  • Light: 6 or more hours of sun
  • Deer and rabbit resistant
  • Attracts hummingbirds
  • Goes dormant after flowering
  • Colors range from shades of red, oranges, salmon, pink, and white
Companion plants that bloom at the same time as the Oriental Poppy include German Iris, Baptisia australis, Delphinium, and Penstemon ‘Dark Towers.’

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