Perennials Beautify More Than Just Your Landscape

Having a perennial garden can beautify more than just your yard.

The other day I had a conversation with a friend about how she doesn’t think about cutting flowers from her own yard and that she is going to start doing it now. I started thinking about all the perennials we grow that make great cut flowers. I love to use Delphiniums. I think that they have some of the prettiest shades of blue in their flowers. They are on my wish list for my garden. Astilbes are another one on my list. They smell so pretty, they give that pop of color in the shade and they look beautiful in a vase.  Foxglove is beautiful too. They have such sturdy stems so they don’t flop and they have a neat flower. I could really go on and on about Perennial flowers. I don’t think that there are any that I dislike.

Many times, during plant maintenance in the greenhouse, we will have to trim the flowers off. I always feel a little sad to put them in the compost pile so sometimes I will take them home to arrange.

Flower arrangment 1

Flower Arrangment 2

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