Orchid Success

Did you miss our recent Super Saturday Orchid Care seminar? Not to worry lead, florist Sandy Stock shares her secrets below.

Orchids look exotic and difficult but don’t be afraid to try them! 5 important steps for success with Phalaenopsis orchids are:

  1. Light: They require good indirect light.
  2. Temperature: The temperature best is 70’s in daytime 55-65 degrees at night.
  3. Watering: It’s best to water in the morning so the bark dries out before night. Water your orchid plant 1 time every week to week 1/2. Overwatering is usually what hurts them.
  4. Temperature: Daytime temps 70-80 and night time 55-65 degrees. If day temperature is too close to the night it may not rebloom.
  5. Fertilizer: Use orchid fertilizer 3 out of 4 waterings.

It’s always good to repot your orchid in new bark after it’s done blooming. That will encourage new growth!

Sargent’s Floral has a great assortment of orchids to help you get growing. Our florists are happy to share their indoor plant knowledge about orchids and more.  Sargent’s Floral is located inside the Sargent’s on 2nd garden center.

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