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At Sargent’s we believe that it is our responsibility to help keep the environment healthy. We do that by being aware of how our own practices affect the environment and by educating our community on what they can do in their own landscaping to keep our planet beautiful. Our garden center staff is always here to help you with proper and safe chemical use, organic gardening options, and recommendations for gardens that will attract pollinators or improve water quality. Our design team is also willing and able to help you with beautiful sustainable landscape designs; from rain barrels to butterflies, Sargent’s is here to keep things beautiful!

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Sustainability at Sargent's

By Nick Sargent

There are so many issues with sustainability and the environment it is often difficult to choose what to prioritize as a company.  At Sargent’s we have chosen two areas to focus our energy on.  Those two issues are pollinator health and energy efficiency.  To that end here are a few initiatives we have undertaken:

Pollinator health:

  1. Sargent’s was the first nursery in Southeast Minnesota to go “Neonicotinoid Free” and discontinue both the use and retail sale of these chemicals.
  2. Our employees maintain eight bee houses as well as eight bluebird houses on Sargent’s property.
  3. Sargent’s regularly holds classes and seminars on native plants and pollinator health for the public.
  4. Sargent’s invests in employee education on pollinator issues.

Energy Efficiency:

  1. In the winter of 2017 Sargent’s installed LED lighting at both of our retail locations.  This resulted in a nearly 6% reduction of company wide electricity usage.  In the next month we plan to upgrade significant a number of light fixtures in our office areas to LED.
  2. Sargent’s utilizes a 10.26 KW solar array on the rooftop at Sargent’s north. This now produces enough power to cover approximately 8% of our electric usage, enough to power approx. 1.5 homes.
  3. Sargent’s owns two Toyota Prius high efficiency vehicles for our sales staff.
  4. Over the last five years we have made great strides in energy efficiency including major investments in LED lighting, heating and cooling, and ventilation.

Other initiatives:

  1. In spring of 2015 Sargent’s instituted a fertilizer protocol to reduce both the usage of fertilizer and the amount of fertilizer that is on the ground (out of the intended potted plant).  This protocol has greatly reduced the fertilizer runoff into the Zumbro River from our facility.
  2. The demonstration raingarden at Sargent’s North is a place that the stormwater management benefits of raingardens can be seen by the public and studied.
  3. For our floral shop at Sargent’s on 2nd we purchased a dumpster specifically for floral waste that we then compost.  This has saved many tons of organic waste from going in the dumpster.