You’ve Been Asking – May Pruning Tips + Hydrangea Care & Design Advice

When should I prune my lilacs? What about the other trees and shrubs in my landscape? Prune lilacs up to a month after blooming although immediately after blooming is ideal. The best time to prune trees and shrubs varies greatly. The University of Minnesota Extension Service has as an excellent online guide to pruning trees and shrubs available including when to prune different varieties and why.

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The one exception is hydrangeas which we get a lot of questions on this time of year. Although some varieties like Annabelle can be cut back to the ground, most do not need to be cut back. Whatever variety you have, you may want to wait until mid-May and then prune out die-back. Pink and blue varieties can be rather late to bud out so wait until you see buds form or even leaves pop.

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