Career Opportunities

Our Foundation

…is our people and their passion for quality plants, products, and outdoor projects.

Sargent’s is not brick and mortar — we are an organization made up of the hearts, minds, and hard work of the many people who work here. We share a common passion for the natural world, which is what brought us together. Our foundation was established over 50 years ago and continues to be added to each day. Our foundation is strong and stable because we listen, learn and share our passions together; each person contributing uniquely in the way they are gifted.

Our Vision

…is to be a successful, 100-year company where people love to work.

Our vision for the future is one of prosperity. Sargent’s has spent more than 50 years building a legacy in SE Minnesota. Part of continuing that legacy is investing in our employees. You have goals for yourself. We want to help make those goals a reality. 

Our Mission

…is to deliver experiences that make people say ‘Wow!’

Everyone at Sargent’s tackles their day with this mission in mind. But it doesn’t stop at the customer. We carry this mission through to EVERY person who interacts with Sargent’s – including our employees. At Sargent’s you’ll have the opportunity to explore your passion, grow your career, and work with a team of people dedicated to your success. 

Our Values

While in pursuit of our Vision and Mission, we operate under a few key values. These values help support our culture of excellence, teamwork, and respect. 


Like a bee and a flower, Sargent's and it's staff help one another succeed. Sargent's is a culture-focused company who provides a fun, safe, and rewarding environment for our staff. In return, we expect our staff to adopt this culture and provide our customers with exceptional experiences. One cannot exist without the other.

Golden Rule

This one is pretty simple. We treat our customers and staff as we would like to be treated. As long a decision was made with this at it's core, it was the right decision.


We are a seasonal business. With that reality comes the understanding that staff from all departments will be expected to chip in and help during our peak season. The success of our business is linked to our willingness to help our fellow team members.


Quality and professionalism do not just happen. Details are the difference between an average experience and an exceptional one. Sargent's is committed to a detail oriented culture to create a quality and professional experience for our customers and staff.


Identify. Discuss. Solve. Problem solving at Sargent's is a team sport. We hold each other accountable but are never left to problem-solve alone. Successful companies leverage the varying strengths of their staff to achieve effective results.


Sargent’s is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you feel like you are a good fit for Sargent’s please send your resume to