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When we plant trees in our yard we are investing in our future. But the work doesn’t stop after planting. Sargent’s offers comprehensive, science-based tree care services to protect your investment. 

Protect your legacy.

When you plant a tree, you are choosing to plant a legacy. The most valuable resource we can give a tree is time. Many trees take decades to reach maturity before we can fully utilize their many benefits. Perhaps this investment of time is why it feels so devastating when we lose a tree.

Sargent’s has developed a full line of tree care services that protect your tree for its entire life. Our arboriculture team takes a science-based approach that focuses on the long-term health and beauty of your trees and woody plants.   

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Many factors go into a tree planting. Correct placement and planting depth is critical to the long term health of your tree. Many issues can be avoided by following proper planting techniques. 


Trees and shrubs need pruning in their first year after planting. Structural tree pruning is a process to help young trees develop with proper form for optimal long-term structure.

Plant Health Care

Pests and disease are an unfortunate reality. A proper Health Care plan begins by supporting the tree’s natural defenses through fertilization and proper maintenance. 


The construction of our homes and outdoor spaces often damages trees we’d prefer to keep healthy. Our arborist can develop a plan to protect a preserve mature trees during construction of a new home or outdoor space. 

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