Our Impact

For future generations, we want to leave Rochester and our planet better than the way we found it.

Here are some ways we are showing up and making a difference:


Wee Wednesdays

At Sargent’s, we are committed to connecting kids with nature through gardening fun! Wee Wednesdays are hosted every month for preschool and kindergarten-aged children to explore all the different things that nature has to offer. 

Dough for Doing Deeds

Giving is a big part of Sargent’s all-year-round, but we make an extra effort around the holidays. Three years ago, we started a tradition we call Dough for Doing Deeds. Here’s how it works: Sargent’s staff members are divided into 6 teams. Each team is given $250 in seed money, and the challenge is to see who can the most good in the community using this money. 


Praire Restoration Project

Less than 2% of Minnesota’s original 18,000,000 acres of native prairie habitat remains today. To help fight climate change and loss of critical habitat, Sargent’s has set aside 3 acres of land adjacent to our growing facilities to restore native prairie habitat. We cannot solve the climate crisis ourselves, but we can work within our means to create something beneficial for the environment and our community.

Law Enforcement Memorial: A Day of Giving

A brand-new Law Enforcement Memorial is being constructed in Rochester, MN. Sargent’s is stepping up to donate our labor and discounted materials, and we will be inviting other landscape professionals from around the Rochester area to join us. Together we can create a beautiful space in honor of our military heroes and their sacrifices.

Compostable Pots

Compostable Pots

Plastic waste is something we think a lot about at Sargent’s, so by 2032, we hope to have all of our plants sold in 100% compostable containers. The Eco+ Grande container is made from plant material, has zero plastic, can be planted and composted, and has nutrients built right into the container. Simply pull the tabs to expose the roots, and plant the entire container in the ground.


Silver Green Business

Thank you to the Rochester-Olmstead Youth Commission for recognizing Sargent’s as a Silver Green Business. We are committed to running a sustainable business, so Rochester can remain a beautiful and healthy place to live for future generations.



Sargent’s has partnered with ReviewForest to have a tree planted for every google review we receive–good or bad. Trees are planted in conjunction with the Eden Reforestation Projects in north Madagascar. As a 501(c)3 (nonprofit), Eden works directly with the planting area communities to train and guide the local people in the process of planting and caring for the newly planted trees. This creates sustainable jobs in an area with one of the highest poverty rates in the world–

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