During the fall months, you have an opportunity to help your future self by performing proper maintenance on your landscape. This makes for an easy spring season and helps protect your landscaping through our harsh winter season.  

Landscape Beds 

Despite what you may think, fall is a great time for planting. Perennials will overwinter and get off to a great start next spring. Feel encouraged to divide overcrowded perennials such as peonies. Plant spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, or crocus for early season color. Any non-hardy plants will need prepped for winter. Non-hardy bulbs should be dug up and stored indoors. To store bulbs, dig them up and remove any dirt and above ground growth. Let them cure in the open air for 3-5 day then place in a carboard box or paper bag. Store them in a dark dry place until next spring.  

Non-hardy shrubs and roses should be covered to protect from frost. 

Annuals can be pulled and composted.  

Perennials should be cut back to 4 inches above soil. You may consider leaving any decorative grasses as they can provide winter homes for our furry friends! 

Trees and Shrubs 

For any trees or shrubs planted this year, make sure to maintain watering into the late fall.  

Refrain from pruning trees and shrubs in the fall. It can create opportunities for diseases and remove spring flowers.  

Lawn Care 

Over-seed any trouble areas in mid-September but be sure to water regularly. This grass will come back strong in the spring. Applying a winter fertilizer will also help in this regard.  

Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn as well. If you are tackling this project yourself, you can rent aeration machines. For small areas, spiked aeration ‘shoes’ may be appropriate.