Hardscape Ideas and Inspiration

When you first begin to think about your landscaping, it’s hard to know where to begin. Below you will find some ideas and inspiration to spark some creativity. Another great resource is our “Softscape – Idea’s and Inspiration Guide”. Our knowledgeable Garden Center staff is always available to offer advice as well! 

New Construction 

We get many customers who have recently built a home and are now looking to landscape the exterior. All hardscapes should be considered early in the design process. Planning ahead can help avoid frustrations and costly changes in the future. Give extra consideration to the location of any patios or decks. This is your chance to get creative! Consider your goals for a space and how you’d like to accomplish them. 

Refresh an Existing Landscape 

Planning ahead is great, but what if your home already has landscaping? In this scenario, there are some great tricks to refresh an existing landscape.  

One such trick is using a paver overlay on existing concrete. It is less expensive than constructing a new patio and can offer the same dramatic look. Below is a before and after of a paver overlay. 

Paver Overlay ‘Before’
Paver overlay ‘After’

Other things to consider are adding landscape lighting, adding a fire or water feature off an existing patio area, or changing mulch material. Small details often have a large impact for minimal investment. Repurposing old brick to border a flower bed, using natural stone to create a garden path, or updating your mulch are great places to start when looking to give your landscaping a facelift. 

Walkway ‘Before’
Walkway ‘After’
Boulder wall ‘Before’
Boulder wall ‘After’