3rd Annual Dough for Doing Deeds

Updated on April 20, 2023

The holidays are about giving. And although giving is a big part of Sargent’s all-year-round, we make an extra effort around this time of year. Three years ago, we started a tradition we called ‘Dough for Doing Deeds.” Since then, this event has grown into our most impactful charitable event of the year.  

How It Works

Sargent’s staff members are divided into 6 teams. Each team is given $250 in seed moneyThe teams are challenged to see who can do the most good in our community. Teams are free to get creative and use the money in whatever way they see fit, as long as it goes towards good deeds in the community.

This year’s teams are:

Greenhouse Production

Office and Admin


Sargent’s North

Sargent’s on 2nd

Landscape Install

Greenhouse Production Team + Office​/Admin Team

This was a group effort to raise funds for the Zollman Zoo to purchase additional toys for the animals. Zollman Zoo is located within the 572 acre Oxbow Park and features over 30 species of animals native to Minnesota. This includes a bison population that is used to diversify the genetics of other herds around the country, as well many other animals that are unable to be released into the wild. They are currently constructing a new nature center that will be 3 times the size of the existing structure. The caretakers of the zoo are passionate about providing the best possible habitat for the animals. Part of making this a reality is providing the animals with new, exciting toys to interact with. Zoo toys can be very expensive because they need to withstand the jaws of wolves, bears, and cougars. The Greenhouse Production team combined their seed money with the Office team. Beyond the initial $500, they raised an additional $300 from team member donations and the support of other local businesses, for a total of $800. Beyond the cash donation, they also collected deer scraps from local hunters, pumpkins and squash, and spices to be fed to the animals at the zoo.  

Zollman Zoo Bald Eagle
Zollman Zoo Cougar

Sales Team

The Sales team used the $250 seed money, along with an additional $350 in team member donations, to purchase 6 Christmas trees (complete with stands, lights, and decorations) and deliver them to 4 local charities. Damascus Way, Next Chapter Ministries, The Landing, and Network for Life. These charities support people in difficult circumstances in their life through prison reentry programs and services for those experiencing homelessness. A real, fresh-cut Christmas tree is a way to inspire hope and inclusion at a time of year that can be especially difficult for those of us in the margins.  

Sargent's North Team

The Sargent’s North Team raised a total of $1250 and donated those funds to Channel One regional foodbank. With a mission of strengthening food access and building a healthy community, Channel One has distributed over 10 million pounds of food. Beyond the financial donation, Sargent’s North team volunteered their time at Channel One for an evening of filling rice bags and supporting food security in our community. 

Sargent's on 2nd Team

The Sargent’s on 2nd team added to the $250 seed money through team contributions and register roundups. This was a creative way to engage the Sargent’s community as a whole to effect positive change. In total, they raised $928.35 and donated it to PossAbilites. This is a local charity that creates opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to contribute to and connect with the community. In years past, Sargent’s has benefitted from this charity by having them clean our retail space each spring and help in our production greenhouses. Due to covid, we have not been able to take part in those events. So the 2nd St team thought it was only fitting to support them and keep their mission alive.  

Landscape Installation Team

The landscape installation team raised a total of $400 for the local chapter of the Jeremiah Project. The Jeremiah Project works to disrupt the cycle of poverty for single women and their children. In the past, the Landscape Installation team has focused on individual families. But this year they instead chose the Jeremiah project as a way to support as many people as possibleIn 2020, the Jeremiah project impacted more than 150 lives in the Rochester area. In addition to the monetary donation, the landscape installation team is also donating landscape maintenance and tree care services for the upcoming 2022 season.  

Considering this year Sargent’s celebrated 50 years in Rochester, the ability to give back means that much more. We understand that we all do better when we all do better. Without a vibrant, healthy, prosperous community, we would not be here. Thank you so much to everyone that donated and participated in this year’s Dough for Doing Deeds. Have a safe, happy holiday 

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