2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift? Stop in today and check out our selection of local art and jewelry, delicious treats, and rare treasures.

This holiday season we have curated an enchanting array of gifts perfect for the plant person in your life. Whether you want to add a touch of greenery to your home or find the ideal present for a loved one, Sargent’s has something for everyone. Let the spirit of the holidays bloom in every corner of your home with our thoughtfully selected treasures.

And remember, we offer delivery on any of our plants or products! Delivery can be arranged by calling our 2nd St store at 507-289-6068.

Gifts Under $25


Starting at $7.99

The epitome of festive elegance, the Poinsettia has red, green, or white velvet bracts that adds a touch of traditional charm to any home or office. We have several different sizes to choose from. 

Savannah Bee Gardener's Care Kit


Give the busy worker bee in your life everything they need to nourish and soften those hard-working hands while hydrating those cracked, dry lips. 

Kokedama DIY Kit

Starting at $21.99

Kokedama is a Japanese gardening technique designed to find your inner zen. Wrap the roots of your living plant in a soil and moss ball for it to be hung on display. Many houseplants are suitable for Kokedama.

Amaryllis Bulb

Starting at $16.99

Watch as these enchanting, wax-coated wonders bloom into a captivating display, adding a festive and stylish accent to your holiday decor. They require no water and typically bloom for about 3 weeks. 

Zygo Cactus

Starting at $7.99

AKA the Christmas Cactus, they come in many different colors and sizes. As a member of the cactus family, these are low-maintenance, easy-to-care-for plants that brighten up the room with their vibrant blooms. 


Starting at $7.99

Cyclamen prefer cool growing conditions which make them perfect for MN winters. Keep them away from direct sunlight and they typically bloom for 8 weeks for stunning color all season long. 

Spongella Body Buffers

Starting at $17.99

The Spongella Body Buffer has built-in body wash that will transform your shower experience. With men’s and women’s versions and more than 7 different scents, there’s no reason to take a regular shower ever again. 

Scatter Seed Can


The closest thing to a ‘garden in a can’ you can find. There are different seed mixes available including a Zinnia mix, a pollinator mix, and a wildflower mix. They cover roughly 500 sq ft and include growing instructions. 

2-in-1 Lotion Candles

Starting at $17.99

Creative Energy candles are hand poured soy candles that melt to create not only a beautiful scent, but also a healthy body lotion suitable for all skin types. Simply pour a small amount of melted wax into your hand and massage into the hands, feet, or back. Various sizes and scents available. 

Gifts Under $50

Savannah Bee Chapstick Kit


There is a flavor for every occasion. The Bee the Balm gift set has that flavor! If you know someone who loves lip balm, then this gift set is a must. Packaged in a handy Savannah Bee zip-up pouch perfect for your phone and a few other things! 

Savannah Bee Honey Sampler


The Everyday Honey Gift Set will turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day! Honey for Coffee, Honey for Tea, and Honey for Cheese. These 3 honey flavors are unique and have very distinct qualities ranging from smoky, rich notes to bright, crisp sweetness. 

Terrarium Kit

$24.99 to $49.99

This kit includes all the supplies to get you on your way to a beautiful low- maintenance living environment. All you’ll need is a few plants (we have those too) and your unbridled creativity! Get your hands a little dirty and let your imagination run wild! Multiple sizes available. 

Illume Winter Candles


Bring on the shine — it’s time to celebrate with the seasonal fragrances of Noble Holiday, perfect for gifting and decorating the holiday home. Designed as a pop of pattern, our vanity tins have a full wrap label on textured stock, interior pattern with metallic details, and a color rolled edge to complement the colored wax. 

Stonewall Kitchen Jams & Mustards Sampler


You’ll make someone’s day when you give them this gift filled with mini versions of some of our most delicious products! Three classic jams—among our most popular—make a sweet addition to any breakfast, while two tangy mustards take lunchtime sandwiches from standard to stellar.

Hiro Nano LED Light

Starting at $31.99

This lamp is ideal to illuminate your indoor plants or terrariums. It features a swivel light and bamboo board for ultimate flexibility. The full spectrum LED is designed to mimic natural outdoor sunlight to help your plants grow healthier and make plants look vivid. We carry 7 and 12 watt versions.

Teaspressa Sugar Cubes & Bubble Drinking Glass

$29.99 (sugar cubes) | $19.99 (bubble glass)

Experience our LUXE cocoa difference: Say ‘bye’ to artificial flavors and ‘hello’ to all-natural, handcrafted LUXE cocoa sugar cubes. Simply drop two cubes into a cup of hot milk, coffee, or tea and enjoy an instant cocoa. 

Werk Shoppe Puzzles

Starting at $29.99

All of our puzzles originate from original works of art created by our extremely talented network of emerging and established artists. Each purchase supports our community of artists with a percentage of proceeds donated to art education and enrichment programs and initiatives.

Michael Design Hand Care Caddy


A silver-toned caddy holding our popular foaming hand soap and rich hand lotion together in one place, whether that is in the bath or the kitchen. Very elegant, and very convenient. Various scents available. 

Gifts Under $100

Botanium Self Watering Container


Botanium enables you to grow herbs and vegetables – fast and easily. Featuring automatic watering and a water tank that lasts several weeks, this product is magical if you lack green thumbs and want fresh basil with minimum effort.

Stonewall Kitchen Cocktail Mix


Bar Nut mix, Pita Crackers, Pepper Jelly, and Holiday Punch Mixer. Everything you need to enjoy a night of cocktails and snacks with a friend. Various flavors and mixes are available. Choose a la carte or grab one of the pre-assembled kits. 

Spruce Top Pots

Starting at $59.99

Hand-crafted and designed right in our store, our spruce tops are unique, and made with premium evergreens and design elements. 

As you embark on your holiday shopping journey, let Sargent’s be your destination for festive wonders and thoughtful treasures. Enjoy our tropical paradise while you shop for the perfect gift.