Introducing: Café Aquí

Updated on April 20, 2023

The walls are going up, so it’s time we introduce you to the new coffee shop that we’re thrilled is coming to 2nd Street – Café Aquí! 

This May, you’ll be able to take in all the color and beauty at Sargent’s on 2nd while sipping an incredible cup of espresso, savoring a creamy dish of ice cream, enjoying a cool chocolate shake or letting your taste buds run wild eating delicious empanadas! And if it should be one of those cooler days, maybe you’ll choose to take a seat in the tropical paradise – our newly expanded, three times as large, greenhouse, where you’ll relax, surrounded by the area’s largest collection of houseplants. 

You’ll want to be HERE!

We are thrilled to partner with the owners, Michelle & Shawn Fagan, who will bring their passion for top notch espresso (their roaster is a Q-Grader – a sommelier of coffee), flavors inspired by South America (they’ve hosted soccer coaches and players from this area and are incorporating some of the recipes they’ve experienced), and hospitality that exudes warmth and encourages community connectedness.

“Shawn and I love to host. Whether it’s family and friends at our house, guests in our event venue downtown, or clients at our photography studio, we love to connect with people,” Michelle says. “So take that and combine it with our love of coffee, some delicious treats, and having it all within a year-round tropical paradise – we can’t wait to welcome all from the community!”

Where does the name Café Aquí come from?

“There are ample drive-thru coffee shops in Rochester, we’re the complete opposite of that,” Shawn says. “Especially after these past few years, we want to create a place that people can connect; a place where people can let their shoulders drop a bit, a spot where people will want to slow down and just be…here. Aquí (pronounced ‘ahh-kee’) is Spanish for ‘here’. It’s perfect with the experience we want to create within Sargent’s on 2nd. Inspired by travels, flavors, and friends from Central and South America, especially those that we’ve hosted in our own home, the idea of ‘here’ and just being and just chilling, we think it’s a perfect fit.”

What are empanadas?

“They’re basically a delicious, flaky pastry filled with…well, whatever we’d like! Many cultures have some kind of “hand pie”, ours are Argentinian-style empanadas. Currently, we plan on serving beef and chicken empanadas, along with a great variety of vegetarian combos, and of course, some sweet choices like our ricotta cheese and chocolate empanada,” Michelle says.


More changes to come!

As part of Sargent’s on 2nd’s ongoing remodel, the walls are going up now for the new café along with the panels and windows for the new greenhouse (More details on this to come!). Throughout the summer, you’ll see even more exciting exterior changes too. 

Plans are for Café Aquí to open their doors to the public in early to mid-May. In the meantime you can see more at their website, , on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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