Employee Spotlight – Jim Kelly

Updated on April 20, 2023

Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Jim Kelly formed his love for the outdoors in a very different environment. “Out there, water is essential. Sunshine is no problem.”

As with so many of our employees, Jim’s passion started at a young age. “I had a garden way out in the desert as a little kid. I was also in boy scouts and have always enjoyed being out in the woods.” As an adult, this has manifested as a love for all things trees and shrubs – especially natives. At home, Jim enjoys vegetable gardening along with managing a small prairie. “We have lots of old oaks with native shade perennials and shrubs.”  

Jim has been roaming the tree lot for nearly five years and is always excited to lend his passion and knowledge to his customers. “I love being able to help people choose the right tree – something that will likely live for decades. Trees have long lives and lots of uses. I enjoy helping people make the most of that.” When asked for his best piece of advice, Jim says “Make sure you get the tree planted correctly. Plant it at the right depth, prune the roots, and don’t be afraid to water heavy when you first plant it.”  

When we asked about his favorite tree and shrub, it was hard for Jim to answer. After some pressing, he said, “probably a burr oak or blue beech tree would be my favorite. My favorite shrub is serviceberry!” True to his word, these are all native trees and shrubs that are highly versatile in landscapes. 

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