Law Enforcement Memorial: A Day of Giving

Updated on April 20, 2023

The War to End All Wars

November 11th, 1918 is the day an armistice effectively ended the “war to end all wars”. This day would later be recognized as the federal holiday known as Veteran’s Day. This holiday is meant to acknowledge the sacrifice of the men and women who have served in our nation’s military. It also provides an opportunity for gratitude and reflection on the freedom, comfort, and safety we get to experience each day. 

Thank You to Those Who Served

Sargent’s has a lot to be grateful for. We acknowledge that our position is one of privilege. Doing what we love – in a community we love – is possible because of the sacrifice of othersThe breadth of the gratitude exhibited on Veteran’s Day also extends to our nation’s law enforcement agencies. These agencies protect our nation domestically and employ many veterans after their military careers have ended 

Giving Back

This year, we have chosen to show our gratitude the best way we know how: through the power of beautiful spaces. Sargent’s is partnering with the Law Enforcement Memorial of Southeast Minnesota to organize a day of service in the summer of 2022, where area landscape companies can help us honor and remember our heroes. Being constructed is a brand-new Law Enforcement Memorial just west of the Soldiers Field Veteran’s Memorial in Rochester, MN. Sargent’s is stepping up to donate discounted materials and we will soon be inviting other landscape professionals from around the Rochester area to join us in donating our labor, together, to build and plant this great memorial.

Two of our suppliers, Bailey Nurseries and Monrovia, have generously provided discounted plant material. The day of service that Sargent’s is leading will provide the labor necessary to get the retaining walls built and the plants in the ground and looking their best. This act can in no way make up for the sacrifices made by those who defend our country. But living our best life and pursuing our passion for beauty in our community is how Sargent’s hopes to honor those that have been impacted by serving our nation.

Donate Now

Donations for the memorial are still being accepted and can be made here.  

A Special Thanks

For their support and involvement in this project, we would like to extend a special thank you to: 

Rochester Parks Department 

Titan Development

Kraus Anderson

Bailey Nurseries


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