Our Guide to Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees

Updated on April 20, 2023

Whether you’re a live tree purist, or this is your first fresh tree, Sargent’s knows just how special selecting a Christmas tree is. Wandering the lot in search of the perfect tree is a quest that truly kicks off the holiday season. The smell of fir boughs fills your home and prepares the senses for festivities to come. To help make your holidays as successful as possible, we have compiled this guide to help you select and care for your tree.  

Sargent’s on 2nd supplies a wide selection of trees to fit any budget and space.  

Before You Arrive

Before you begin your search for the perfect Christmas tree, consider the space it will occupy. Trees tend to look much smaller outdoors than they do in your living room. You will want to consider the height of the tree and any tree topper you plan to use. You want your decorated tree to sit about 6” below your ceiling. Also account for the girth of your tree. Wide trees will take up considerable floor spaceIf you need to rearrange any furniture to make space, do so now. Once a fresh cut is made on your tree (our staff will do this for you)you’ll want to get it in water within the first hour. Otherwise, the base of the tree will begin to seal itself with sap. Planning ahead to make sure your space is ready for your tree can save valuable time.  

Finding the Perfect Tree

Christmas Trees come in many varieties, each with its own style. Sargent’s stocks 3 different varieties, each with a unique style and fragrance.  

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir is the most popular choice for a Christmas tree. The moment you catch its wonderful scent, you will know why. Beyond the strong fragrance, this tree also has rich blue-green needles with excellent retention. The strong, upturned branches make this tree easy to decorate and capable of supporting heavy ornaments. With all of these advantages, and prices starting at $59.99, it is easy to see why the Fraser Fir is so popular. Sargent’s stocks these trees from 4’ to 6’ tall.  

Nova Scotia Fir

Also known as a Balsam Fir, these trees have a very iconic shape and are probably what comes to mind when you think of a Christmas tree. They have a conical shape with dark green needles. Hints of silver on the underside of the needle help the tree sparkle when adorned with your favorite decorations. These are the largest trees Sargent’s sells, starting at 7’ tall and ranging up to 12’. Prices start at $89.99. If you are looking for a large, iconic tree as a statement piece in your holiday décor, look no further than the Nova Scotia Fir.  

Canaan Fir

Canaan Fir is a somewhat rare species of Christmas tree. They combine the strength of the Fraser Fir with the shape a structure of a Nova Scotia Fir. They have bright, rich green needles and a moderate fragrance. Combining the branch strength of a Fraser Fir with the iconic shape and color of a Nova Scotia Fir offers the best of both worlds. This unique tree is $109.99 and comes in at 6.5’ tall (perfect for most ceiling heights). 

Once you know which style you prefer, it is time to begin your search. Test the trees for freshness by lightly bending the branches. They should not snap or break. A fresh tree ensures you will be able to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your tree all season long.  

Once you have made your selection, our team will give your tree a fresh cut along the bottom and wrap it for transport.  

Care and Safety

Once home, be sure to get your tree into its stand and full of water within 1 hour. A 7’ tree will drink about 1 gallon of water per day so make sure your stand has a large reservoir that is refilled daily. This will ensure your tree stays fresh for as long as possible, often a month or more.  

Be sure to use a tree stand that is stable and secure. Pets and small children should not be able to easily tip your tree over! Furthermore, keep the tree away from heat sources. This includes furnace vents, fireplaces, and space heaters. Fresh trees are flammable. We want everyone to have a safe, happy holiday season. 

A Christmas Tradition

We are honored that you have chosen Sargent’s for your holiday tradition. Finding the perfect Christmas tree should be a fun, enjoyable experience to share with your loved ones. As always, our team of experts is eager to answer questions and assist in any way we can.  

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