Smooth Summer Nights Recap: Coming Together in the Garden

Updated on April 20, 2023

The Spring of 2022 saw the return of some normalities that had been glaringly absent during the prior few years; public events and gatherings being one of them. We wanted to use their return as an opportunity to reimagine Sargent’s events and their role in the community. We’ve always been a company who puts effort into supporting our community, but we wanted to take time to really understand what that should look like moving forward.

It’s with this mindset that several Sargent’s staff met in a boardroom in April to brainstorm ideas for fun events.  Covid created a backlog of enthusiasm, and this meeting was an outlet for that enthusiasm. Within a few minutes, we had a list of over 30 amazing ideas. However, the issue has never been a lack of creative ideas, Sargent’s it full of passionate people. The issue is how to execute those ideas. We are, after all, not an event company. We don’t have large budgets to promote events. We don’t have spaces meticulously curated to host hundreds of people. We don’t have staff dedicated to planning. But limitations are often the fuel for creativity. It is out of this creativity that Smooth Summer Nights was born. 

The vision for Smooth Summer Nights was to create an accessible event with a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere for our community to gather in. We did not want the event focused on consumerism, or even Sargent’s. We wanted to create a simple space for people to come enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your friends and family.

As with all things, the devil is in the details. As it turns out, creating a simple event can be quite… complicated. Smooth Summer Nights took effort from every single department at Sargent’s. From cleaning and preparing the space to coordinating with vendors, so many people at Sargent’s stepped up in ways that go completely outside their job descriptions. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event a success. The result of this effort and teamwork was a series of 3 events where over 1,500 people showed up to interact with their community, support local food and music, and engage with the outdoors.

The intent of this boring backstory is to provide context as we express our deep-felt gratitude for the way in which our community showed up. When this idea sparked into existence back in April, we had no idea if it would be well received. We took a risk with the hopes of providing something of value to you and your people. And you rewarded us in the best way possible… by showing up. Each event was bigger than the one before. We are truly humbled and appreciative of how many people decided to spend their valuable time with us. Thank you to everyone who showed up and made these events so special.

We are committed to bringing more events your way. Not only will Smooth Summer Nights be back next season, but we are working hard to leverage our new greenhouse space at 2nd St. to be able to hold events during the winter months. If you’re looking to stay in the loop, we will always post upcoming events and workshops to our website. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram for announcements.

Thank you again for your supporting Sargent’s and our community.