Staff Picks: Our Favorite Houseplants

Updated on April 20, 2023

We're obsessed with houseplants...

If you’re looking for plant care tips and advice, there are not many better places to look than inside the mind of a Sargent’s employee. It’s safe to say we are all overly obsessed with all things plants (it’s a requirement of the job). We spend all day helping customers pick out the perfect plants, but what about us?! What are OUR favorite houseplants, why are they our favorites, and how do we best care for them?  

Tami’s Pick - Dieffenbachia Crocodile

Why: It’s just the neatest thing!

Care Tips: Dieffenbachias do well in bright indirect light. Don’t put this plant in direct sunlight or the leaves could burn. You should water your plant when the soil is dry to your second knuckle if you were to stick your finger in the soil.

Dieffenbachia Crocodile

Libbey’s Pick – Paraiso Verde Philodendron

Why: It has really interesting patterns on its foliage and I like the leaf shape.

Care Tips: Honestly, I am really nurturing and caring for this plant and still figuring out what it needs. Sometimes you have to try new things! I have mine in sphagnum moss right now and it seems really happy!

Libbey - Paraiso Verde Philodendron

Amanda's Pick – Hoya Parasitica

Why: I’m a hoya head! I love hoyas and the leaf shape and textures on this Parasitica are so cool.

Care Tips: I care for most of my hoyas sort of like succulents. This one will like medium-light with a well-draining soil. I use an aroid mix for lots of my hoyas.

Amanda- Hoya Parasitica

Neil's Pick – Ficus Altissima

Why: I love the two-tone leaves. It’s quite the statement plant!

Care Tips: This is a high-light ficus, like most. This plant will tell you what it needs and if it doesn’t like its current conditions.

Neil - Ficus Altissima

Hunter's Pick – Geogenthus

Why: The big colorful leaves are awesome! It’s just a cool new trending plant.

Care Tips: Your plant needs a regular potting mix that drains well. This plant will need to be in a spot that has low to medium indirect light.

Hunter- Geogenthus

Jenn's Pick – Cebu Blue Pothos

Why: My houseplant collection started with my Grandma’s jade pothos, so I am a little partial to these guys! The coloring on the Cebus is amazing and I love a good vining plant!

Care Tips: Keep your Cebu in a spot where it will get bright indirect light. Use a chunky soil when potting and water when the first two inches of soil are dry.

Jenn - Cebu Blue Pothos

Colette's Pick – Butterworts | Pinguicula

Why: I just really like carnivorous plants!

Care Tips: Humidity and lots of moisture are key. Butterworts enjoy very bright light.


Nick's Pick – Whale Fin

Why: A plant I won’t kill!

Care Tips: It seems that I ignore this plant and it’s happy.

nick whalefin