The Anatomy of a Quality Tree Care Company 

By Jay Maier – I.S.A Board Certified Master Arborist #MN-0403B

The sheer number of tree care companies to choose from can be overwhelming. The types of services offered, and prices associated with those services can vary wildly. So, what is it in a tree care company that makes it a good value?

Good tree care is grounded in science. Peer-reviewed research guides our field just like it does in medicine. Forestry, horticulture, and arboriculture are taught at universities by professors who do their research in those fields. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the professional organization that leads the way in our field. They certify individuals who meet standards of knowledge and proficiency. The most basic certification is the credential “Certified Arborist”. The pinnacle of the certifications is “Board Certified Master Arborist”. 

I have been studying or working with trees since 1990. I have seen the impact of good long-term tree care and that of poor care. Everyone has great intentions, but the average tree worker doesn’t really know what is best for a tree because they don’t truly understand how trees grow and function. They use anecdotal theories that have no basis in the research and standards endorsed by the ISA. Because they lack this knowledge, they will not be able to provide you with the best guidance to ensure the beauty and long-term health of your trees.  

One thing most often missing in companies that focus on arboriculture is the concept of beauty. There is a functional side to many arborists that overlooks the primary function that people are looking for when they decide to live amongst trees. They are not simply looking for their trees to be healthy and safe. Beauty should be a focus for a tree care company. 

Sargent’s has been in the business of beauty for 50 years in Southeast Minnesota. People know that we design beautiful landscapes and sell beautiful plants. But did you know that we also have the expertise to care for your trees? In 2020 Sargent’s launched a full line of arboricultural (tree care) services including tree pruning and removal, tree and plant health care (often referred to as PHC), and tree preservation. Sargent’s is quickly becoming the go-to resource for home and business owners who are looking for quality tree care by knowledgeable professionals. 

There is convenience in one company having expertise in both areas. The same company that installs your landscape can care for it. The same phone call that puts a skilled designer on your property can also provide you with a skilled arborist. The same company you have trusted for beauty and longevity in your landscape can help you with beauty and longevity in your trees. 

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