Winter Tree Care

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Just like your car, trees also need regular care and maintenance in order to keep them healthy, safe and beautiful all year round. Winter time ends up being a fantastic time of the year to focus on your tree maintenance for a number of different reasons:

  • Dormant pruning – Trees go dormant during the winter months making that a great time to prune. During this dormant period, your trees will easily handle the stress that pruning can cause. Pruning some species or doing heavy pruning during the active growing season can cause harm to those trees.
  • Precision pruning – Pruning when all the leaves have dropped from the tree makes it easier to view the best places to prune in order to maintain your trees’ structural integrity. It also makes it easier to spot vulnerable areas, such as damaged or diseased branches. The arborist will have a clearer view of any diseases and what needs to be removed when he or she can see what is referred to as the dormant bud. This makes your pruning more effective, promoting a healthier tree and mitigating risk.
  • Disease control – There are certain trees that cannot be pruned unless they are dormant because of disease management. Many of the pests and diseases that can infect trees via pruning cuts are also dormant during the winter months, making it an attractive reason to consider winter pruning. For these trees, winter is the only time to consider pruning. Oaks are one such example because they are particularly susceptible to oak wilt, an extremely deadly fungal disease.
  • Storm readiness – Since arborists can access the trees with no leaves, they can see what the tree looks like without any added weight. It gives a good picture of how the tree will handle high winds when winter storms or strong winds come through.
  • Improved healings – There are many wounds that need to heal after pruning. With extra energy reserves, trees are able to heal more quickly.
  • You save financially! – It’s natural for people to see and experience their trees in spring, summer and fall more so than during the winter. This creates a high level of demand for our services during the warmer months, even though it’s just as good or sometimes better for the trees to be pruned in winter. In doing winter maintenance, we’re able to keep our staff serving customers while also providing a more refined prune and healthier tree in the end.

With Sargent’s professional arborists, we can provide proper dormant pruning to keep your trees safe, healthy and beautiful all year long!

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