Houseplant Trends and TPIE 2022

Updated on April 20, 2023

As gardeners, we understand the benefits of dirty fingernails and sweaty brows. To garden is to believe in tomorrow. Sargent’s works hard to make the benefits of gardening accessible to all. But our short growing season and the realities of urban living look to derail our efforts. Out of this conflict has emerged a rapidly growing hobby that bridges the gap between our urban environment and the natural world – houseplants.  

Houseplants are nothing new. But with a deeply passionate following, the popularity has exploded in recent years. When it comes to indoor plants, the annual Tropical Plant International Expo in Tampa Florida is THE place to be. From new trends to amazing products and awe-inspiring displays, TPIE is every houseplant enthusiast’s happy place. 

Considering Sargent’s works hard to stay ahead of new trends and amazing products, we had to attend! Neil Imsdahl, our resident houseplant expert, breaks down his time at TPIE, what he learned, and what to get excited about in the future of houseplants. 

Trends for 2022 and Beyond

1. Rare plants may become harder to find.

The demand is still high for rare and unique plants but the growers are shifting some towards the essentials. All the growers that we toured were still growing the rare plants but some have started to scale back the line ups and focused on a few that they can grow easily and shifted some of that space to essentials like Pothos, Dracaena, Ivy or ferns. This means rare plants may become even more difficult to find in the future. 

2. Variegation and texture are still in!

 Consumers are still finding color variegation and leaf texture the number one factor when selecting plants, ease of care is a close second. (Aphelandra, Birds nest fern)

3. Living plants over cut flowers.

Living Color is a trend that the Millennials and gen Z are driving. They prefer to gift blooming plants over cut flowers. This market is expected to grow dramatically in the coming years. Some common favorites are Calla Lily, Orchid, and Dianthus.

4. Sustainability first.

The industry is turning towards sustainability. More and more manufacturers are becoming aware of their inputs. From eco-friendly bamboo pots to fern fiber. More vendors will start incorporating these new technologies to the consumer level. One example is the Xaxim planter which is a fern fiber alternative. Not only is it made from a natural material, but it also has an ecologically friendly manufacturing process. 

TPIE Cool Product Awards

TPIE also highlights some of the coolest new products on the market by awarding them the ‘Cool Product’ awards. Below are some of our favorite winners from this year. 

Bendable Plant Poles

This was Mossify’s first appearance at TPIE, and they introduced their new bendable coir and moss plant poles that are completely bendable. Available in two thicknesses. One with smaller coir covering and the other larger with moss, each available in three sizes.


New Bohemian Collection Indoor-Outdoor Planters

Pottery Pots introduced their new Bohemian Collection, which features natural bamboo exteriors and a concrete/fiberglass interior for both indoor and outdoor use. There is a variety of sizes and styles in this collection.

Pottery Pots USA Inc.

Philodendron ‘Red Moon’


This was another sunning find during TPIE 2022. This rare variety shows off dramatic red colors in both half-leaves and some stems along with vibrant yellows and green colorations. Availabilities are low, but keep your eyes open for in the future.

R & D Nurseries Inc.

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